The fee for a new franchise contract in Germany is currently €15,000.

The total investment for a Subway® restaurant starts around € 200,000.

However, depending on size and location requirements, costs can vary greatly.

The majority of the cost is made up of equipment acquisition and remodeling the location.

The purchase price for a restaurant is agreed between the seller and the buyer and can vary greatly depending on various parameters.

The franchisor has no influence on the agreed purchase price. He only has to agree to the intended transfer so that a license transfer can be completed.

All new franchise partners take part in a three-week franchise partner training where two weeks are completed as intensive training in a regional, certified training restaurant.

During the beginning, a consultant will accompany the opening for one week and also provide support in training the employees. In addition, free manager training courses for management staff are offered on an ongoing basis at the training center in Cologne.

With the University of SUBWAY® an extensive e-learning system – all employees of the franchisee are given access to a powerful training platform, which enables predominantly independent introductions and further training.

Our team will work with you to identify potential locations. Today, more than ever, the focus in site selection is on TOP locations. The focus lays on frequency, accessibility and visibility. We would be happy to discuss with you personally what other qualities are important for our spaces and what potential we see in which region.

Applications for franchise licenses can only be submitted in combination with concrete location proposals and a company foundation. The requirements that have to be fulfilled by the applicant and the location have changed in recent years in the course of a worldwide transformation process.

In general, today’s focus in the selection process is on multi-unit owner profiles. A university degree, experience in corporate and human resources management and business management skills are an advantage. We would be happy to discuss the details in person with you.

IPC Europe, the “Independent Purchasing Company”, is a non-profit purchasing association supported by the franchise partners, which negotiates conditions on a European basis and ensures the purchase of goods for franchisees on a best price basis. It therefore organizes the uniform procurement of goods and provides the franchise partners with the corresponding procurement channels.

Franchise fees are 8% of net sales. In addition, there are 4.5% FAF fees, which are used to finance regional and national advertising activities.

A Subway® franchise contract has a term of 20 years.

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